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Traditional and Tankless Water Heater Repair in San Leandro

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Is your old water heater failing, leaking or using too much energy?
No matter if it operates on propane, natural gas or electricity, Souza & Viviani Plumbing Co. in San Leandro offers professional and affordable water heater repair and replacement. Most water heaters have the same common parts: a drain valve, a cold water inlet, a sacrificial anode rod, a dip tube and a pressure-relief valve. Each of these parts requires proper maintenance in order to remain in good working order. Our residential, commercial and industrial water heater Maintenance service ensures this. If you are replacing the tank because it is too old or leaking, then you might want to upgrade to a tankless unit in order to save money by heating water only when you need it. Our replacement and installation services are just what you need. We even provide removal and disposal of your old unit.
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When you turn on your hot water, does it take a long time for the water at the tap to come out hot? Think of all the water that is being wasted. But there is an economical way to solve this problem. The professionals at Souza & Viviani Plumbing Company can very cost effectively install a Hot Water Circulation Pump. This will ensure that when you turn on the faucet, hot water is only moments away.

Features of a hot water circulation pump:

  • Conservation of up to 15,000 gallons of water per year

  • Readily Accessible Hot Water with no waiting/ramp up time

  • Extremely quiet system operation

  • 24-hour switch which activates the pump when you need it

  • Installation requires no more than 2 hours

  • Not compatible with tankless water heaters

Common Problems That May Require Maintenance

Most water heaters suffer from one of several common problems. If water doesn’t stay hot, it could mean the heating element isn’t working properly or that you have a bad thermostat. Do you have no hot water at all? Check the pilot light on a gas unit and the red reset button on an electric one, and then call us if these don’t fix the issue. Maybe you have a leaky pressure relief valve, a leaky drain port or water is taking too long to heat. We can repair these problems before they turn into a costly replacement. However, if your water heater is more than five years old, you should consider replacing it anyway to ensure you have the most energy-efficient and safest model.

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Souza & Viviani Plumbing Co. will provide a consultation and estimate before we take on any water heater or repiping job. If you own property in San Leandro, San Lorenzo, Oakland, Alameda, Dublin, Pleasanton, Hayward or Castro Valley, call 510-614-6690.