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Expert Repipe Services in San Leandro


Are the sewer or water lines in your home or business leaking, corroded, burst or just plain old? Souza & Viviani Plumbing Co. provides expert repipe services in San Leandro and the surrounding area. Our full-service repiping includes installation of brand-new waste pipes, emergency stops, water supplies and pressure-reducing valves. We also take care of Sheetrock repairs when necessary. You might think you need a simple drain cleaning or repair for your house or office, but several signs can indicate a larger problem that requires pipe replacement. Consider whether you have considerably low pressure, yellow or rusty water, rust flakes in aerators or random leaks. You should also consider this if you have old copper pipes in a home that was built more than 20 years ago.

Know When You Need Repiping

Deciding to have pipe replacement done throughout your property offers several benefits. Perhaps the most important one is that you will no longer be paying high utility bills each month due to leaks in pipes that you can’t reach on your own. Better pressure coming from your showerhead means longer, hotter and more relaxing showers. You won’t even need to worry about someone turning on a faucet or flushing a toilet somewhere else in the building – it won’t affect the pressure or temperature. New pipes mean your water will look and taste cleaner while being safer to consume. Newer pipes are made to last much longer than their old counterparts, which means repiping will add value to your residential, commercial or industrial property.

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If you need pipe replacement or even just a basic plumber, call Souza & Viviani Pluming Co. at 510-614-6690. We provide service in San Leandro, Oakland, San Lorenzo, Dublin, Pleasanton, Hayward, Castro Valley and Alameda.