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Signs That You Need Sewer Line Repair

Significant damage can occur if a sewer line bursts around a home. There are usually warning signs that the sewer line is failing before it breaks completely. Here are some issues to be aware of.

Fixtures Drain Slowly

When one fixture such as a single sink or shower drains slowly, then the culprit might just be a clog in that single piece. However, if multiple items around the house are failing to drain properly, then a complication may have arisen with the sewer line. 

Unpleasant Odors

As you would expect, sewers really stink. If you start smelling sewage around your house for no apparent reason, then the sewer might be backed up. This smell might also be present in your yard.

Gurgling Sounds From Toilet

A gurgling sound coming from your toilet bowl is never a good sign. The reason why this usually occurs is that tree roots have gotten into the sewer line. This is a severe problem that can quickly affect your property, so get an expert to remove the roots. 
Take note of these symptoms so that you can get an expert out to your home right away. You do not want to ignore these issues or else you could be facing more drastic and expensive repairs. Call Souza & Viviani Plumbing Co. to get high-quality sewer line repair.