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Four Signs Your Water Heater Needs Replacement

Having your water heater fail can be a disappointing surprise with unpleasant consequences. There are some things you can look for to prevent that interruption in your life. Here are four signs your water heater needs repair.

Rusty Water

If you experience rusty or dirty colored water coming from the heater, it could be an indicator that your water heater is rusting and could need repair or replacement.

Odd Sounds

Pops and bangs are not normal sounds for a water heater. Typically, they indicate a buildup of sediment. The sounds come from hardened debris heating up and burning off. Sediment decreases the efficiency of your heater, and can cause excess wear on the metal.

Water on the Floor

Moisture around your water heater could indicate that there is trouble in one of several places on the machine. Small cracks in the tank expand as water heats, letting it leak out. Fittings and connections age, with the potential for leaks as well.

Age of Your Unit

The age of a water heater is important to know for any homeowner. The serial number is typically made up of a date code. Check with the manufacturer for help reading yours. Many units only last for 10 years, and repairs will be increasingly necessary as the heater ages.
Being proactive with your water heater can prevent disruptions in your daily routine or more costly repairs later. Call Souza & Viviani Plumbing Co to learn more about water heater repair.